Wuhan Arbitration Commission

The Wuhan Arbitration Commission was established in 1997.From 1997 to 2016, the Arbitration Commission of Wuhan accepted 141096 arbitration cases, and the total amount of the case was RMB 119 billion 374 million yuan. In the 244 arbitration institutions, the number of cases handled by the Wuhan Arbitration Commission for fifteen consecutive years ranked first in the country, the acceptance of the case amount in consecutive years ranked the top four In the cases concluded in the past year, the rate of mediation and settlement is above 85%, and the automatic performance rate is above 90%. The Wuhan Arbitration Commission in maintaining the market economic order, improve investment environment and enhance foreign investment in Chinese confidence and played a positive role, has become the central region of the ability of foreign arbitration arbitration institution’s most influential. Know more