Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation (IIAM)

Indian Institute of Arbitration & Mediation (IIAM) is one of the pioneer institutions dealing with Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services and Dispute Prevention & Management (DPM) services in India. The main objective of the institution is to assist and promote resolution of disputes outside court by way of mediation, conciliation or arbitration. IIAM has its ADR Centre at Cochin and administrative office at Bangalore. IIAM is a non-profit organization registered in India, and commenced activities in the year 2001. IIAM is controlled by the Advisory Board and the Governing Council location.  Know more

Institute of Arbitrators & Mediators Australia

The Institute of Arbitrators & Mediators Australia was founded in 1975, IAMA provided services and training in all areas of dispute resolution including arbitration, mediation, conciliation, adjudication, expert determination, probity and procurement . Know more 

Japan Commercial Arbitration Association

As the only permanent commercial arbitral institution in Japan, JCAA contributes to the resolution of disputes arising from international and domestic business transactions. Having fairly resolved various commercial disputes, we have acquired high credibility among many corporations and other institutions around the world. Know more 


Japan Institute for International Arbitration Research and Training (JIIART)

The mission of the Japan Institute for International Arbitration Research and Training (JIIART) is to share a variety of information focused on international arbitration in various countries with a view to aiding studies by and training for all who are or wish to become international arbitration professionals or professionals who wish to further hone their skills in this field.

Through coordination with various academic institutions, research institutions and arbitration institutions, JIIART also aims to compile knowledge on the fundamentals of international arbitration as well as be involved in the study of and offering education on issues arising in the practice of international arbitration.

Included among JIIART’s goals is to heighten the skills of Japan’s international arbitration professionals by providing opportunities for international exchange through inviting arbitrators and other players involved in arbitration from various countries to Japan.

Further, JIIART also aims to proactively engage in activities to raise the presence of Japan in international arbitration competitions and symposiums and encourage young people and the key players in arbitration to participate.

JIIART will also participate in activities, and coordinate with Japan’s various arbitration institutions to spread awareness to promote Japan as location for arbitration.

Jinan Arbitration Commission

The Jinan Arbitration Commission was established in April 1996 in accordance with law. Since its establishment, it has closely focused on the overall situation of economic and social development of the city, giving full play to the system advantages of arbitration “experts to judge, one final decision”, and fair and efficient settlement of contract disputes and other disputes among natural persons, legal persons and other organizations with equal subjects. Property rights disputes mainly include economic contract disputes, foreign-related economic disputes, technical contract disputes, and non-contract economic disputes involving voluntary arbitration by both parties, including real estate, intellectual property, financial securities, and futures trading.

The Jinan Arbitration Commission has always adhered to the working philosophy of “first-class service, first-class quality, first-class efficiency, and first-class quality”, strictly implemented the “strict ruling, credible ruling, high-efficiency ruling, and talented ruling”, and conscientiously fulfilled the “top For the party and the government to share their concerns and solve the problem of serving clients, we will actively explore, be creative, and constantly improve the arbitration service process, improve the quality and efficiency of arbitration cases, expand the field of arbitration services, expand arbitration publicity, and strive to create “sunshine “Jinan arbitration service brand that is fair, convenient, and efficient” has taken the road of arbitration development with Jinan characteristics, accepted and concluded a large number of influential arbitration cases, in order to optimize the business environment of our city, maintain market economic order, and build “Daqiangmeifutong” modern international metropolis has made positive contributions.

The Jinan Arbitration Commission Office is the daily office of the Jinan Arbitration Commission. It is a municipal-level bureaucratic public participation management unit. It has a comprehensive office, a case management office, an arbitration office, an arbitration office, an arbitrator management office, a party branch, Offices, trade unions, etc. Know more


Karachi Centre for Dispute Resolution

National Centre for Dispute Resolution (NCDR), formerly known as Karachi Centre for Dispute Resolution (KCDR) was established in February 2007 with the approval of the High Court of Sindh and financial assistance of International Finance Corporation (IFC) – a World Bank Group as there was a need to reduce backlog of cases. The vision was to improve the business climate of Pakistan and reduce the burden on the judiciary so that justice can be effectively delivered and to provide the people with an alternative – a time-efficient, cost-effective and strictly confidential way to resolve their disputes amicably. Know more


Kazakhstani International Arbitrage (KIA)

The first arbitration court in the Republic of Kazakhstan created after the adoption of the law on Arbitration Courts and the Law on International Commercial Arbitration. It is a permanent arbitration institute governed by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan or according to any rule of law chosen by the parties to arbitration. Know more


Korean Commercial Arbitration Board

As international trade and commerce increase among the nations of the world, inevitably, disputes will arise. As these transactions grow more complex, it becomes increasingly important to resolve disputes and conflicts quickly, fairly and conclusively. In Korea, the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (KCAB) is ideally placed to assist international parties resolve disputes encountered in the course of their commercial activities. Know more 

Korean Council for International Arbitration

The International Arbitration Committee was established in 2011 pursuant to Article 1 of the KCAB International Arbitration Rules. The Committee is comprised of 19 arbitration experts including distinguished foreign arbitrators. Their expertise is used by the KCAB INTERNATIONAL for consultation on issues relating to the appointment, challenge, replacement, and removal of arbitrators.

Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators

The Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators (MIArb) is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation established in 1991 with the main aim of promoting the determination of disputes by arbitration. Today, MIArb has widened its objectives to promoting and facilitating other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation and adjudication. MIArb has a proud history of educating the public and training its members in ADR which continues to this day. Over the years, MIArb has built strong collaborative relationships with local and international ADR institutions, industry associations and centres of higher learning to raise awareness and expand the use of ADR methods. Know more

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